Are Winter Tires Better Than All-Season Ones?

January 26th, 2021 by

Road conditions may present hazards for drivers. When winter arrives, it may bring forth icy and snowy roads. All-seasons tires might not be up for the job during harsh [CITY] winters. Perhaps switching to snow/winter tires would be worthwhile. When winter ends, a driver can always have the all-season tires put back on the wheels.

Millions of drivers use all-season tires during the winter. When dealing with light snow and mild winter weather, the tires could do their job without troubles. However, when blizzards become common and the temperature drops massively, winter tires may be the better selection.

The tread depth and pattern on winter tires support better traction. The tires also come with designs to support a “biting” grip on the road. All-season tires lack these “extras.”
Castle Chevrolet North could assist drivers seeking the right tires for the season. Our service department could install the tires without delays.

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