2018 Chevy Traverse Review In Des Plaines, IL

2018 Traverse Des Plaines

The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse is one impressive vehicle. Des Plaines, IL has some pretty serious car buyers that will definitely enjoy everything that this superb SUV has to offer. Big, is the name of the game when it comes to large SUV’s and the 2018 Traverse does not disappoint. Chevrolet has been dominating the market and continues to do so with their latest offering. All things aside, the large SUV class isn’t an easy one to compete in. Vehicle manufacturers have been vying for the number one spot, and with that comes a lot intense designing. Having been a forerunner for some time now, Chevrolet has successfully taken on the challenge.

The impressive traction modes are what makes this SUV stand out for Des Plaines, IL. An adequately equipped 2018 Traverse can easily be adjusted to just about any road surface, challenging or not.

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Performance & Capability

There is a new 3.6 liter, V6 engine, available, with the brilliantly efficient automatic, nine speed transmission. This engine comes standard on all models, with the exception of the Traverse RS that adds a turbocharger to the equation. This monstrous engine will push out 310 horses, and 266 lbs per ft of torque.

There are four main settings to choose from, each with their own benefits:

  • Front wheel drive: This is the basic setup of the 2018 Traverse, which can include the all-wheel drive as an optional add-on. The front- wheel drive is the most fuel-efficient option out of the two.
  • Snow / 4×4: The 4 x 4 mode or all-wheel drive mode, and the front- wheel drives ‘snow mode’ will assist in better control and road handling of the 2018 Traverse. Ice and snow make for slippery road conditions, and the Traverse will maneuver through it easily.
  • Off road: This option comes available on the all-wheel-drive models. The off-road mode selection will send a considerable amount of extra torque to the wheels at the rear. This improves driving capabilities on grass, loose dirt, gravel, and sand.
  • Haul / tow: The amazing trailering package is a brilliant addition to the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse. This haul/tow mode, holds the 2018 Traverse in a lower gear ratio, which results in ‘on demand’ torque when your load needs to be pulled.

The fuel economy ratings of the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse is not at all disappointing, especially for a vehicle of its size. The brilliance of the nine-speed automatic transmission is largely to thank for this. The front- wheel drive gives you a combined mpg of 21, and 20 with the AWD.

The city will bring the miles per gallon to 18, and 17, with the FWD and all-wheel drive respectively. The highways fare way better with 27 on the four-wheel drive configuration, and 25 on the AWD. When compared to the previous Traverse models of 15, 22 and 18 mpg, these are great improvements.

Interior & Safety

The first great thing about the seating of the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse, is the reminder for the rear seat. Sometimes life gets way too busy and inadvertently causes a bit of memory loss. Once the doors of the second row are opened and then closed, the reminder is activated. Once the trip is completed, it will make use of ‘audible’ sounds, to remind you to check the back seat, in the event that anything has been forgotten. A visual message will also be displayed in the information center of the driver. The spaciousness that surrounds the interior of the 2018 Traverse is something to be noted. The seating space is comfortable for all passengers. The enhanced seating functionality of the second row is rather impressive. Thanks to the smart slide technology of Chevrolet, the passenger side, second-row seat, can be angled and moved forward. This allows passengers to easily access the seats in the third row. Eight passengers can be comfortably seated in the Traverse.

The Traverse comes with a fully functional infotainment system that is loaded with the latest technology. Built-in LTE, 4G – WiFi availability, for instance, adds a new dimension to ‘surfing while driving.’ Easy smartphone integration and voice commands make your drive safer and more pleasurable.

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The exterior of the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse has been completely redesigned. It has a solid new look and the SUV commands attention wherever it goes. The LS model comes with, daytime running LED lamps, bright 18-inch aluminum wheels painted in silver, and a grille that is accented with chrome.The High Country and Premier headlamps come with D-Optic upgrades. The amazing skyscape, dual sunroof is another brilliant available add on. Each trim level comes with great exterior upgrades.